| Firebird

Ballet for 10 dancers
Created on the 2nd of April 2016 for the Saarland National Theater Ballet

Duration | 30 minutes
Costumes | Catherine Voeffray
Music | Firebird Suite (1945) Igor Stravinsky

Each fairy tale or popular legend holds a raw truth and a common understanding inside. Trying to get to the core of a story. Tearing down all its fantastic and magical aspects. And then, seeing the naked truth, trying to understand it, to grasp its essence and finally taking this as a new ground to rebuild my own story.

With this approach in mind, I created a love story between the Young Woman and Ivan. The ballet speaks about the challenge that an encounter can represent; the constant oscillation between desire and refrain. The Firebird represents Ivan's deepest yearnings and embodies his inner self, and the Katshei personalizes the Young Woman's fears and struggle to free herself from her issues.

Spielzeit 2015/2016 | Choreografien von Jiří Kylián, Stijn Celis und Martin Chaix | Premiere am 2. April

The guest Martin Chaix, who comes from the acclaimed Martin Schläpfer Compagnie (Düsseldorf), transforms the “Firebird” in a modern, exciting jealousy story. [...] Chaix finds here a unique way of making the dancers move, in the release and the elevation, the distance and the fusion of the bodies, alternating intense moments of tenderness and aggression. Throughout this refined “Firebird” transpires a laid-back and nimble style that the company masters with brio.
— Cathrin Elss-Seringhaus, Saarbruecker Zeitung
The French Martin Chaix made brilliant choices: dusted, elegant, neat and focused on the essential, namely the story. In his choreography, the Firebird does not wear fanciful feathers but the dancer only sports a single heart with sequins. Chaix tells us the story of a Prince who, with the help of an intrepid Firebird, snatches his dear Princess from the hands of the wicked Sorcerer - in a cold elegance, but , nevertheless, with soul.
— Barbara Grech, SR3 Saarlandwelle