Some selected accolades

Chaix’s choreography is like the flickering of a candle and the audience becomes a protective hand.
— Heiner Frost, Niederrhein Nachrichten, 2019
Martin Chaix [...] translates the time volatility into an aesthetic, virtuoso dance and brings a deeply human theme on the stage.
— Isabell Steinböck, Die Deutsche Bühne, 2013
Martin Chaix composes, as it were, melodies and chords of bodies, sometimes harmonious, sometimes dissonant, also strident, also silent. His figurations appear as a seismograph of emotions, with violent eruptions and moments of near impotence. [...] The group vibrates as a whole with episodes in which the soloists stand out. [...] Chapeau!
— Schweriner Volkszeitung, Manfred Zelt, 2016
... delicate, fine and yet precise and therefor touching. [...] a sure and genuine performance, which enlightens and touches our own experiences. [...] in their ever-flowing, edgeless and elegant mixture of elements from classical ballet to modern expressive dance, in imaginative variations, even on pointe as a symbolic expression of the nostalgia from which the beauty can arise from everyday life[...] a very unique poetry, not gilt-edged, but rather with a delicate melancholy and yet with a tender smile.
— Ostsee-Zeitung, Heinz-Jürgen Staszak, 2016
The piece started with alacrity and never stopped. It was a terrific performance, clean and powerful, sinuous and nuanced when it needed to be–with great lighting and vivid costumes to match. The reason people choose to dance is the joy. The freedom. And Chaix clearly understands this and that gifted dancers can fly.
— View from the Riva, Robert Aronson, 2017
La chorégraphie est diabolique de précision, aussi bien dans sa technique que dans les placements de l’ensemble, ne devant souffrir d’aucune approximation ni hésitation.
— Danses avec la plume, Amélie Bertrand, 2018
L’hommage à une certaine idée du pas classique de Chaix fait son petit effet, entre nostalgie et créativité.
— Les Échos, Philippe Noisette, 2018
Martin Chaix […] translates the fleetingness of time into aesthetic, virtuoso dance, bringing to the stage a deeply human theme.
— Die Deutsche Bühne, Isabell Steinböck, 2013