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Combining two passions

‘Falling Angel’

‘Falling Angel’

For the set design of my last creation with the Ballett am Rhein I used a photo that I specially shot to use in this particular scenery.

It is a female figure, floating in the air, slightly blurred - a falling angel as I like to call it.

Photography has always been for me an alternate way to create art, tell a story or simply express myself differently.

Following a long lineage of hobby/semi-pro photographers of my father and grand-father I started photographing since I was a little boy.

What attracts me with this media is the direct capture of our near environment and how can we transcend the most insignificant item or landscape into a visual art composition. As a choreographer I am drawing by space, forms and of course the human body in its quintessential powerful vector of emotions.

Photography is not - in my opinion - so remote from dance. It captures the body and/or a subject, space, plays with depth and conveys emotion.

Shaping a choreography is quite similar to composition in photography. To me at least.

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