Ballet for 7 female dancers
Created on the 17 of May 2018 for the Ballet de l'Opéra national du Rhin

Lights | Tom Klefstad
Set design | Matias Tripodi
Music | Concerto in d moll, BWV 1052 from J.-S. Bach

Duration | ca. 25 minutes


Returning to France after having left the Paris Opera Ballet almost 12 years ago, Martin Chaix, at the invitation of Bruno Bouché to come and create for the Ballet of the Opéra National du Rhin, dug here in his most intimate and ancient memories for this creation.
The Concerto in D minor is the music of the eponymous ballet by Claude Bessy; the first ballet he danced at the Dance School of the Opéra national de Paris.

A bit like Bach who took inspiration from his BWV 146 cantata, Wir müssen durch viel Trübsal (We must go through many tribulations) to compose this Concerto, Martin Chaix created  a ballet that takes as a starting point the memories from his own experience.

Tribulations. This term, somewhat negative, crystallizes, in a way, a whole set of events and symbols of his personal life but also the ambient climate that reigns in our contemporary society.

Tribulations is what makes of this art, dance, so demanding and to which each dancer can here identifies himself.

Tribulations in each of the paths of our lives.

Tribulations in a society that makes us face complex challenges daily, and confront us with its physical and psychological violence that challenge our own certainties.

Abstract ballet in the form, the title Tribulations is just there as an epigraph, free of each and every one's interpretation.

Far from wanting to create a dark and pessimistic work, this creation remains an allegory, an evocation of those obstacles that we all have to cross one day. In the manner of an initiatory journey, this ballet has a sort of Nietzschean background that links ourselves to our personal struggles to our self-achievement, our dreams and an ideal society.

Photos © Agathe Poupeney

Tribulations | Created in May 2018 for the Ballet de l'Opéra national du Rhin (dir. Bruno Bouché)