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Ballet for 12 dancers
Created on the 13th of February 2015 at the Theatre Nordhausen for the Theatre Nordhausen Ballet, directed by Jutta Ebnother

Duration | ca. 50 minutes
Musics | Jean-Sebastian Bach, Concerto in G minor BWV 975, Antonio Vivaldi, Concerto for 2 violins in A minor RV, Antonio Vivaldi, transcription from Ottorino Respighi, Concerto grosso n.11 D, Jean-Sébastien Bach, transcription from Alexandre Goedicke, Passacaglia and Fugue C minor, BWV 582

Trailer video

A female dancer, alone, on this vast and obscure stage. The rough sound of the harpsichord begins a version of Jean-Sebastian Bach’s Concerto in G minor, a transcription from one of Antonio Vivaldi’s concerto. Two dancers join this scene. They run towards and away one another, they turn together and opposite each other. All this creates, through the dance, pictures and stories that talk about loneliness, reunion, encounters and separations. These themes return, again and again, and go through the first part of the evening like a red thread. The audience rewards each scene with its applause. He knows that he is witnessing an exceptional performance.
— Thomas Kügler, harzerkritiker.blogspot.de