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Created the 7th of February 2014 at the Brotfabrik Bühne Bonn

Eine Winterreise – A Winter Journey –  is an introspective piece dealing with solitude and romance in today's society. Based on a work by Franz Schubert and Wilhelm Muller the ballet depicts a journey to the inner self and reflects upon isolation.

Choreographer: Martin Chaix

Dancers: Ann-Kathrin Adam, Rashaen Arts, Friedrich Pohl

Set Designer: Felix Aarts

Light Designer: Markus Becker

Winterreise was originally composed by Franz Schubert in 1828 from poems written by Wilhelm Muller in 1823. It is one of the leading works from the Romantic Period. Many versions have been recorded and performed, most notably that of the very famous duo Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau and Gerald Moore.

I was inspired to create this ballet when I found an alternative recording of Winterreise performed on saxophone and piano by Yuri Honing and Nora Milder. At first I was intrigued then it became a revelation.The music took on a totally new dimension. It had sensuality mixed with devastating nostalgia. The jazz tones and accents blend into a romantic tapestry reminiscent of the early 19th century. It is surprising and audacious. A pure delight.

Although Romanticism relates to the early 19th century the theme is universal and contemporary. Jazz uniquely defines nostalgia, heartbreak and short....The blues. For me this musical style feels the closest to romanticism

By combining jazz and Schubert's original score I wish to choreograph my own vision of Winterreise and, using a resolutely modern approach, show how these feelings lead to a longing for death.

Photos © Meike Lindek

Trailer (to the full length video, click here)